byro is a membership administration tool currently in use at shackspace. It is meant for small and medium sized clubs/NGOs/associations of all kinds, with a focus on the DACH region. byro is heavily plugin based to help fit it to different requirements in many situations and countries.

We are planning to have a large amount of documentation, but at the moment we are still working on it (and on byro itself), so it’s incomplete and work-in-progress.

Wir unterscheiden zwischen den folgenden Kategorien von Dokumentation:

  • Developer documentation for those helping develop byro features and plugins.
  • Administratrordokumentation für diejenigen, die byro-Instanzen aufsetzen und verwalten.
  • [TODO] User documentation which explains how to use a byro instance with your organization, what to expect, and which plugins to use.


As byro is under active development, this feature list may be outdated. Please open issues for features you are missing!

  • Member management: Add, and edit members and their data.
  • Membership management: Add and change the membership fees a member should pay.
  • Add custom member data: Track non-standard member data by adding a plugin to byro.
  • Import payment data: Inbuilt support for CSV imports.
  • Import and match payment data to members via custom methods, added by plugins.
  • Send mails, and review mails to be sent before they are sent out.
  • Edit the default mail templates and add new ones.
  • See member balances and transactions.
  • Upload member specific documents (either for or by them); optionally send them per mail automatically.

Please note that currently byro is only suited for tracking member data and payments, and the various administrative acts around it. It is not a bookkeeping tool (yet?).